Alive Advisory is one of the leading business accountancy and consulting firms in Bangladesh, specializing in a range of accounting services. We provide top-quality Bookkeeping Services, Audit Services, Advisory Services, and other Accounting Services in Bangladesh. We believe that even the tiny businesses are entitled to urge more from their accountants. Filing tax returns isn’t everything that accountants for business; they ought to offer valuable insights on every business-critical aspect, from preparing annual accounts and dealing out income to advising on tax planning opportunities and formulating performance-enhancing measures and more. At Alive Advisory, we provide a better level of support to small businesses without hitting their pocket too hard.

By collaborating with Alive Advisory, you get the very best quality services and solutions that assist you in growing your business. Leave your business’s financial and compliance matters to us, and you’ll specialize in your core business functions. No matter what quiet business you’ve got, we are here to assist you:

⦿ stay on top of your accounting and bookkeeping.

⦿ Keep your business compliant with the ever-increasing government regulatory requirements.

⦿ Advice on financial also as tax matters.

⦿ Grow your business by giving you access to exceptional services that a top Business Accountancy & Consulting Firm in Bangladesh can offer.

Get in-tuned with the expert accountants and tax accountants for business at Alive Advisory today !!! Our aim is your sanctification and growth.


Alive Advisory is an Accounting, Audit, and Advisory firm offering a broad range of services to satisfy the requirements of our clients by fostering an environment that encourages personal and professional growth and a passion for the firm’s core values.



Alive Advisory is the most trusted professional service firm by providing innovative & practical services that contribute to client’s success in an exceptional team environment. We will continue to be recognized as a leader in the community– known for delivering timely, quality professional services through a multi-disciplinary approach.


Integrity- To respect coworkers & Maintain confidentiality.

Contribution- To collaborate with businesses and individuals to realize their financial goals.

Authenticity- To be genuine and sincere altogether relationships both personal and professional while developing trust.

Passion- To the commitment to excellence impacts every aspect of our institution.

Teamwork- Working together in a spirit of cooperation and mutual respect to achieve the business objectives.

Development- Developing and taking care of our people.


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